Have you ever wondered what RE/MAX stands for? Drumroll, please….RE/MAX stands for REAL ESTATE MAXIMUM

Maximum service – Maximum marketing options – Maximum support
Maximum image – Maximum opportunity – Maximum technology

  • RE/MAX is a leader in residential real estate with more than 4,392 offices across 50 nations and multiple languages.
  • Today RE/MAX associates proudly number over 119,000 full-time professional agents worldwide.
  • The typical RE/MAX agent in North America is among the most experienced in the industry, averaging nearly 14 years of service.
  • Because of their industry-high educational and experience achievements, the average RE/MAX agent outsells the competition by an incredible 3 to 1 ratio.
  • Over 70% of RE/MAX agents’ business comes from repeat business and referrals from past customers and friends – more than twice the industry average.
  • RE/MAX agents make a personal financial investment in every listing.

RE/MAX agents competently control the marketing programs for each of their listings.

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